Recent and on-going scientific research is revealing that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is an important regulator of nearly every system of the human body.


The XES sensual serum's balanced blend of Cannabinoids, (>5% CBD, CBG and others), compliments the neurochemistry associated with libido, pleasure and sensation in the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and CBG are known to promote orgasms and a more complete sexual satisfaction, especially in the population of women with an overly sensitive clitoral and vaginal anatomy.

XES ErgoApplicator

ergonomically designed for compatibility with differences in vaginal anatomy

The clitoris is the human female's most sensitive erogenous zone and generally the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure. The clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity vary broadly. 


A photograph of a human vulva with a labeled clitoral hood.

The battery-free XES ErgoApplicator is designed for tactile maneuverability and hygienic topical application of the sensual serum through an integrated airless vacuum pump. The anatomically compatible form and compact size of the ErgoApplicator is effective in caressing and stimulating the XES sensual serum into the erogenous mucocutaneous tissue of the clitoris, labia majora and labia minora, further enhancing the female orgasm.


Variation between women in the development of the clitoral hood: Top Row > The clitoral hood of these women is covered by the labia majora when standing upright. Bottom row > Women with protruding clitoral hood

The ErgoApplicator features an articulated head and tendril form, engineered with the versatility to navigate and stimulate the varying vaginal anatomy that differs greatly amongst women. The direct application of the sensual serum to the erogenous tissues, high in Cannabinoid receptors, increases bio availability and stimulation with reduced friction and aggravation of surrounding areas during sexual activity. 


what you feel is what you are, and what you are is beautiful

Sensual stimulating vaginal serum EN@2x.

all natural ingredients, produced to EU Bio and GMP standards

The sensual serum, a proprietary formulation of cannabinoids and non-GMO botanical extracts, is independently tested for purity and toxicity, and verified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, moulds and other microbes. 


XES sexual wellness products have no artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants:

no parabens 
no silicon, propylene glycol
no artificial flavourings, colourings,
no artificial aromas 
no preservatives or emulsifiers
oral-sex safe

Tested and certified for consumer safety, in accordance with EU Cosmetic Regulation n. 1223/2009, by The Institute of Skin & Product Evaluation in Milan (ISPE S.R.L.), an independent EU accredited Cosmetic Laboratory.